Interest-Driven Marketing with LittleFish

Discover the interests of all your customers, contacts, and donors.

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Find Your Contacts

Collect and analyze your contacts' publicly available social media data including who they follow, what they like and what they share - so you can have actionable insights into their interests and passions.

Explore and Discover

Use our sophisticated algorithms and matching processes to explore the interests of your contacts. Discover who falls within those interests to engage your contacts and tailor your efforts for maximum impact.

Create Campaigns

Create marketing campaigns from specific interests and browse our recommendations for ideas on how to increase engagement and develop relationships with your target markets.

Who is it for?

Anyone who has a need to understand their customers better! Still not sure? Here are some examples...


Alumni Associations

Discover your alumni's interests to engage them in events and initiatives on campus.


College Recruitment

Attract prospective students with topics tailored to their goals, passions and aspirations.


Not for Profits

Advance your mission and donor support with tailored outreach efforts on mass and individual scales.

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